Official Rules Of The Steinberg Winter Classic

1. This is a 3 on 3 tournament format. No goalies.

2. Each team is allowed up to 6 players. Only 3 players on the ice at a time. * Each team will be guaranteed a minimum of 3 games with a possible maximum of 6 games! Games are 32 minutes, running time. * All players MUST be 21 years of age or older.

3. All players MUST sign a waiver agreement. NO exceptions!

4. All players must wear helmets (facial protection is strongly recommended), shin guards, cup, elbow pads and hockey gloves. Hockey pants optional.

5. All players will be provided with a Steinberg Winter Classic jersey.

6. One official will be assigned to each playing surface to officiate scoring, time, puck possession and infractions.The 3 referees ending the games prior to ice resurfacing along with the 3 referees beginning the games after ice resurfacing will move the bumpers while the ice is being resurfaced. Thank You Referees!!

7. A goal will be awarded to the opposing team when a minor penalty is called and/or a team is consistently playing in a reckless manner. The opposing team will also be given possession of the puck behind center ice.

8. Any major penalty will include any action that could possibly injure another player will result in that player being ejected from the tournament. The team that received the ejection will play the remainder of the tournament without the ejected player and can not be replaced. The official will determine major penalties.

9. There is a zero tolerance policy for any behavior that is determine to be abusive to any tournament participant.

10. No checking is allowed. Checking will result in a minor penalty unless deemed serious enough to be a major penalty. This is a NON CONTACT tournament.

11. No slap shots are allowed. Such action will result in a minor penalty.

12. Players cannot fall or lay on the ice in an effort to protect the goal area. Such action will result in a minor penalty.

13. Goaltending is not allowed. A player may not patrol or remain stationary in front of the goal. Such action will result in a minor penalty.

14. High sticking a puck above the waist will result in a loss of possession.

15. If a puck goes out of bounds, the last team to touch the puck will lose possession. At the restart, the defender must give the opponent 2 stick lengths of space.

16. Goals must be scored from the attacking side of center ice.

17. Referees will call out the score after each goal.

18. Teams must give their opponents the opportunity to move the puck out of the end zone after a goal is scored or when an infraction has taken place.

19. In the event of a tie after regulation, the play will move to sudden death.

20. All games are running time and will last 32 minutes. Substitutions will be made "on-the-fly" during play or while a puck is being retrieved. There is no stoppage of time after a goal is scored or after a penalty is awarded.

21. Players can only play on one team.

22. Fathers wanting to play with their kids MUST play in the 21-35 age group.

23. Substitutions must be made by 8:00 a.m. on the first day of play at the Player Registration Table in the Warming House. The three to six players that are on your roster at 8:00 a.m. on the first day of tournament play must be the same players that play on your team throughout the tournament.

24. Setting picks or running interference in the offensive zone will result in a minor penalty.

25. Players are required to wear ice hockey skates, no goalie skates

26. In the event of a tie at the end of the championship game there will be an additional 5 minute overtime, played until completion, to determine a winner. if the game is still tie at that point we will continue to play a 5 minute overtime until there is a clear winner.

27. Lets keep it clean, have fun and remember it's for a great cause!

Download Rules & Regulations PDF Here.