Medical Advisory Board

  • Robert A. Bergamini
  • Robert A. Bergamini, M.D.

    Dr. Bergamini has been treating children with cancer and blood disorders since 1980. In 1985, he established a comprehensive treatment center for children with cancer at St. John’s Mercy, now Mercy Hospital St. Louis. This center is now located in the Cardinals Kids Cancer Center, part of the David C. Pratt Cancer Center at Mercy, St. Louis. There are over 10,000 visits to the center each year. Treatment is provided to children, adolescents and young adults with cancer and blood related diseases.

    In 2010, Dr. Bergamini accepted the position of Medical Director in Mercy Center for Innovative Care, and in 2012, became the Ministry Medical Director for Palliative Care. His time is split 50/50 between his medical practice and his Ministry work, where he has responsibility for adult and pediatric oncology, adult and pediatric palliative care, school based health clinics, and pediatric health literacy across Mercy.

    Dr. Bergamini is on the medical advisory board for Friends of Kids with Cancer, the Cancer Care Foundation, and is a Board member for the Italian Open Children’s Charities.

  • Greg Longmore
  • Greg Longmore Professor of Medicine, Cell Biology and Physiology

    Dr. Longmore is a member of the Adult Oncology department at Washington University and the Siteman Cancer Center and Director of the Molecular Oncology section. Barnes Jewish Christian (BJC) hospitals and clinics and the Siteman Cancer center have a large and active outpatient Oncology treatment center. Many of the patients seen, and their families, experience financial hardships trying to complete their cancer treatment programs. Some of these treatment programs can be very intensive and all consuming of time and emotion. Funds from the Cancer Care Foundation are used to support these families in need and in many instances are a lifeline allowing patients to finish their treatment without adding any further burden to their families or themselves during this very difficult period.